SPM Chair R&D Feedback System
Sihoo Research Institute builds a chair R&D feedback system to respond to demands of users and assist in R&D and design with scientific evaluation.
Subjective feedback system
Professional sitters conduct scale weighted assessment to quantify comfort experience.
Sound product experience is the top priority of users. For this reason, we have engaged a team of dozens of sitting evaluators who will quantify subjective feelings in a scientific scale and submit it to designers for real-time improvement. In this way, products may satisfy all-around demands of users.
Physiological feedback system
Use sensors to collect spine and muscle pressure data for analysis and optimization of products.
Such physiological feedback system is helpful to understand multiple body data indexes of users after using the products, thus allowing designers to conduct more pertinent research and development.
Motion feedback system
Dynamic balance parameters are introduced to describe motion trajectory of office sitting posture and verify design.
Computer chairs are designed to facilitate work. Sitting on a computer chair, we will naturally lean forward or backward or turn around during work. In this regard, such motion feedback system will help designers to fully take into account actual application scenarios.